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    Wedding Flowers Christchurch

    Wedding Flowers Christchurch

    Bourbon rose is a highly regarded Christchurch wedding and event florist. We Are a small talented team with a vast background of experience which means that we can cater for all different styles. We know that every bride, every event has personal preferences and different ideas in style and design. Within our creative team, we personally work with you to make sure that the floral component of your wedding or event is exactly how you imagined it would be

    Flowers play such a defining role in every wedding and we believe that being involved in such an important part of your special day is an absolute honor. 

    We create everything floral, from stunning bespoke bouquets, ceremony & reception florals to large scale floral installations.  We work with your vendors / stylist to ensure the florals are perfect and in keeping with every other aspect of your wedding day.

    Our team will be onsite on the day of your wedding day to install all florals and we can also be there for pack down the following day should you require

    We will work with local suppliers to hire any items that are required for the florals and we are also able to style and set up your ceremony and reception on the day of your wedding if you wish us to do so
    Pricing: Click here to see our floral pricing menu 
    Our Work: Click here to see some of our beautiful work


    Valentines Day Roses

    Valentines Day Roses

    Everyone knows that the most popular flowers to receive on Valentines Day are Roses, But why is that? What makes them the ultimate expression of our feelings for our significant other on February 14th, such a special day of the year?

    The reason red roses are the most popular on valentines day is because the rose is perceived as the ultimate flower of love.  The color and variant show deep emotions, including that of desire, longing, appreciation, and love.  Red roses are also used to express feelings of respect, devotion, and admiration.

    The number of roses that is gifted, along with the color, also portrays a definite meaning. “I love you” and “be mine” are most often conveyed by presenting your special person or the person you long for to be your sweetheart, with a dozen roses.

    It’s common knowledge that red roses are a declaration of love and romance, as their original meaning has remained unchanged for centuries, and still holding true today. To this day, red roses remain the most popular and iconic flower given as a romantic gift on Valentine’s Day, as a way to express admiration, appreciation, love, and desire.

    Send the ultimate expression of love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day with our romantic red roses


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