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    Nothing livens up an office space like fresh flowers! If your corporate building could use a touch of beauty, then Bourbon Rose, Christchurch can send in a floral designer to assess your space and put together flower arrangements of perfection, with a new design every week.

    Let Bourbon Rose Florist use their expertise to take the hassle out of making your office look fabulous. Flowers make a great impression on clients, and will also be loved by the staff at your business!

    Bourbon Rose has an impressive array of glassware to choose from, and will ensure that your floral selection is presented in a way that brings life and transformation to your reception area, office, restaurant, or showroom. Always tasteful and sure to get great comments, Bourbon Rose Florist takes corporate floral design seriously.

    Contact Us to find out how we can make a flower-tastic impression in your Christchurch work space.