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    Dried flowers are on trend at the moment and we are loving it - for us as a Christchurch Florist, It means that we have very little waste as we preserve any flowers / foliage that we have left over. 

    We also purchase dried florals from speciality growers and preservers so we can get top quality products for you lovers of dried flowers. 

    We sell dried flowers bouquets, dried wreaths and dried flowers wall hangings too. 

    You can purchase these online or you can call us to have something custom made 

    Dried Flowers are also a super popular option for wedding bouquets - especially elopement weddings.  Brides can collect their wedding flowers and transport them anywhere around New Zealand, with no risk of anything wilting.  We have even created dried flowers for wedding arches and table centrepieces - If you want to know more , get in touch 


    Here are some tips for looking after your dried flowers

    Please place your dried flowers indoors, where they are protected from the elements (like harsh sun and heavy rain).  Keep your dried flowers out of direct sunlight and areas of bright light, as this will cause the colors to fade and can make the flowers very brittle

    If you like to dry flowers yourself, then Invest in a flower-drying rack  - they look really cool

    Clean  your dried flowers by using a hair dryer set on low speed. Use the "no heat" setting to avoid damage to the flowers.

    Clean your dried flowers with a feather duster. This method works best on the sturdier floral arrangements like dried flower wall pieces

    If you have a dried christmas wreath, for example, then store it in the box in which they came. If you don't have the original box, store the wreath in any box that gives you enough room to gently secure it with lots of tissue paper



    Seal dried flower storage boxes well. Do not store dried flowers in plastic.