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    We love our terrarium here at Bourbon Rose and we always have them in store ready to purchase, plus you can purchase online here

    We thought we put together a bit of information about terrarium here for you if your interested:

    Terrariums are made up of layers of different growing materials.  Terrarium do not have any drainage holes and therefore to assist with drainage gravel or small stoned are laid in the base of the vessel.

    Horticultural charcoal is then spread on top of the gravel / stoned and this helps remove the sour smell of wet potting mix. Next up is, Sphagnum moss and this helps the final layer of peat moss or potting mix retain moisture. However, the combination and type of material can vary depending on the plants you choose.

     Indoor house plants like African violets and hypoestes grow best in this combination, whereas succulents and cacti prefer a more free-draining mix like sand, and require less moisture-retentive material, so can do without the sphagnum moss.  We use a whole mix of plants and therefore, generally just use stones and potting mix so that it suits all typed of plants

    Some examples of plants that you made discover in your terrarium from us are as follows:



     African violets

     Baby’s tears

     Small ferns

    Over watering your terrarium will kill the plants very quickly - all that is needed is a gentle weekly mist - It is always better to under-water than overwater, as it is difficult to remove excess moisture. Just think of your terrarium liking 'desert like' conditions


    When you receive or purchase your terrarium, follow the tips below:

    Position in a brightly lit spot, such as near a window, but please do not put in direct sunlight. Occasionally you can turn the vessel to make sure the plant growth is even.

      Keep the glass clean by removing dust or moisture. Also, remove any dead leaves to prevent growth of fungi.

    Enjoy :-)